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Form printing software - English & Arabic

Rsquare CompuForm software helps users to print form contents in pre-printed form instead of writing/filling it by hand. System will print form details in exact positions according to the user input and configuration. CompuForm is having option to enter the form data or pull the data from the existing business application. Printed data will be stored in the database which can retrieved at any future re-use. CompuForm can able to print forms of any size and any printer, no special hardware is required.


  • Presentable form
  • Track what got printed
  • Saves time
  • Auto conversion
  • Minimum data editing
Rsquare CompuCheque


  • Form of any size
  • Print in any printer
  • On-line interface with exiting application
  • Data uploading via csv
  • Arabic conversion via dictionary

Our customers are happy with CompuForm by printing the forms such as Visa, Vehicle Registration, GOSI, License, Insurance, Export, Access rights, Remittance, etc.

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